Building a Healthy Maple Sugaring Business

On Sat., Sept. 12, the National Maple Syrup Festival and Indiana Maple Syrup Association will present a two-hour workshop, Building a Healthy Maple Sugaring Business. A three-person panel of state and county health department officials will target the workshop conversation to maple syrup hobbyists and current producers, covering state health regulations, requirements, and stipulations related to maple sugaring, who they apply to, and how they are checked and enforced at both the state and county levels. Cost is $10, and registration and payment can be made here or at the bottom of this page.

From 9:30 – 11:30 a.m. at the Brown County Public Library, in Nashville, the workshop also will cover local health department inspections, along with differences in requirements for wholesaling and retailing syrup and for selling at venues such as farmers markets and from stands on the hobbyist’s or producer’s property.

Brown County Library

Brown County Library

Panelists include Al Houchin and Hank Wolfe from the Indiana State Department of Health, as well as Jennifer Heller Rugenstein, who will represent the Brown County Health Department and will speak about ways county health department officials across Indiana approach and enforce state regulations related to maple sugar products. All three are long-time health department veterans, and the trio will end the session with a lengthy question and answer period.

Designed to provide hobbyists and producers with a complete overview of safe and sanctioned maple sugaring from the perspective of Indiana’s health agencies, especially as it relates to sales, Building a Healthy Maple Sugaring Business will take place in Meeting Room B in the lower level of the Library (205 Locust Ln, Nashville, Ind. 47448). Free parking is immediately in front of the Library, and anyone interested in maple sugar production, as well as those managing a multi-generational sugar camp, and everyone in between, are welcome.